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Right now there are several online marketing tools that you can use to promote your website and your business. Many of these are free. You can put your website on Facebook and Twitter to gain visibility and status. The popularity of Twitter has led many software designers to develop ways to automate Twitter marketing so you can find quite a few free and paid tools having to do with that.


If you create a free blog on WordPress or Blogger and write about content that are highly relevant to your business, you can then gives a link to your website at the conclusion of each article or in a sidebar. Several tools include software which can automate your blog postings and updates, for example.


A person can also do article marketing. Again, write informative articles about your business and submit them to the many article web directories. Each article will then link to your website or blog, creating more backlinks and higher ratings by the major search engines. Here is where you can benefit from the many website marketing tools called article submitters. You can do this via a submission site or obtain a software that duplicates your articles, makes the necessary changes to them so that they are not considered the same by the various search engines, and so that you don’t get penalized, and then submits it to the right article directories. You are able to advertise your website on the free advertising sites like Craigslist or USFreeAds. There are certain tools that can help you do this automatically as well.


In order to do any of your website marketing, you need to do keyword research. There are several tools that can assist you here as well. For example, Google, Yahoo, and Bing all have free tools that will help you find the keywords that you should be focusing on in your marketing. If you want to get more info on these keywords, or to see them more quickly, you can then purchase one of the many keyword research marketing tools that are on the market.


Videos are an extremely effective way to advertise your website today. YouTube is the most popular but there are hundreds of other video sites where you can upload your videos. And you can also use a free video submitting tool to submit your videos to all of the websites.


Another of the solid website marketing tools to market your business is the pr release. When done correctly, a press release can get you immediate attention, leads and sales. Many online press release sites are free and you could upgrade to get other services like having the release written for you and keyword optimized.


Whenever setting up an online site for web business there are a few things that need to be kept in mind at all times. Certain dos and don’ts like these can be the difference between success and failure, and would be the reason that many companies hand off their Internet work to real experts. The Internet is a serious business tool, and incorrect use of it can drive potential customers away. remember this when it comes to setting up a business website, and get third party feedback on it before you “go live”. It may take a lttle bit of time, and may even require some spending, but the advantages of a good website are unarguable.


Having the content of the web pages written and designed professionally can be worthwhile. If you are good with words, it is less so – it is very important do as much of the work as you comfortably can. Badly worded text, however, can hold you under the water line. A memorable URL for your site is also just about obligatory. Trying to get people to remember a long website address is likely to end up in them throughing up their hands and going somewhere else. The site should also be easy to get around and carry prominent contact details. Your potential customer may be very impressed by the flashing text and the snappy images, when they cannot phone you or send you an e-mail, it won’t be much good to you. Try also to present a welcoming image on your site – sometimes just being made to smile can persuade a customer to invest their money.


Establishing an internet site in order to bring business into your company is definitely essential step in the present day. Even from watching advertisements on the television or picking up a magazine you can see that, alongside the bullet-point information in the advertising campaigns, there is almost regularly a URL for the company website. The world wide web is a serious business tool for the biggest companies, and small companies put it to use too as it is often cheaper and more effective than going ahead with simple old fashioned business practices. Advertising, for one thing, costs a lot more in print and in general public than it does online.


A good company website, then, can be the difference between your business sinking and swimming. Right now there are certain things that can turn a likely customer off a company just from a small view of a website. These are simple things, nevertheless they can cost you big money if you permit them to. Great spelling is an essential – the potential customer could have doubts about your capability to deliver a good service if you cannot proof-read your documents. Legibility is also important – no long, rambling phrases can be allowed, neither can an unhealthy choice of color combo (navy blue text on a bright red background will not do).


Poor use of images is also dangerous. The wrong image, the wrong size, the incorrect placement – these are just three things that can make a potential customer’s mind wander. Plus if you let their mind wander, it may just wander all the way over to one of your rivals.


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