Using social media marketing includes such sites as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to communicate with your customers or potential customers is a great way to grow your business.  A social media presence is essential for every type of business.  The goal should be to identify the sites where your customers spend their time.  Take time to research and learn which platforms your audience prefer, then set up accounts and learn the tips and tricks of each.

Here are the some of the most popular social sites:

Twitter: It is a great tool to manage customer service issues and network with clients. Twitter is an ideal place to market your brand.

LinkedIn: Is the best tool to promote your brand and share content to become a thought leader in your field.

Facebook: It is the easiest way to stay connected to followers and customers.  Plus has the best advertising benefit in today’s market.

Instagram: Use photos and short videos to market your small businesses with one of the fastest-growing social media channels.

Pinterest: Use images of your products or services as a platform to reach new customers.

YouTube: Use videos to market your businesses and establish yourself as a industry leader.  It is the second largest search engine next to Google.



Rule 1: Respond. If someone posts a question, a comment, even a bad review, it’s vital that you respond. Check your accounts daily.

Rule 2: Be proactive. Set up alerts and monitor all of your channels so you don’t miss a question or comment directed at you.

Rule 3: Engage followers. The first step in engaging people is having a high likability factor. It goes a long way when you’re trying to spread your brand’s message and grow your followers.

Rule 4: ​Post fresh content regularly


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Social Media Marketing

Using social media marketing to communicate with your customers is a great way to grow your business. Let us help grow your social media.