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Business reviews are an important ranking factor – particularly for ecommerce, given their influence over online purchases. But they can also tick lots of other SEO boxes. Business reviews can be a regular source of fresh, original and relevant content. Reviews are likely to be rich in useful facts and nuanced customer language that Google will deem perfect.

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    1. Pay Attention to What Customers Say. Business owners don’t take the time to actively monitor and manage reviews. They think their sole focus should be on day-to-day operations. Unfortunately, there are cases where negative business reviews have crippled a business, or even led to its demise. This means business owners need to not only respond to negative reviews, but also promote the positive ones.
    2. Generate More Business Reviews.  More Often: Most satisfied customers won’t take the time to post a review unless you specifically ask them to. This simple technique has proven to dramatically increase the number of positive reviews you can generate.
    3. Promote Your Reputation across the Web.  Make sure that a ‘read my reviews’ button is prominently displayed on your website and on social media pages. This provides a compelling call-to-action for customers to read and also write business reviews.
    4. Respond Quickly, Personally, and Appropriately.  When a negative business review appears, respond in a timely fashion. Ideally via a private message, assuming you can determine the reviewer’s identity and contact details.  Acknowledge their dissatisfaction, describe how you plan to resolve the cause of it, and invite them back for a discounted or even a free service.

    People weigh the opinions of others heavily, even when they don’t know them. That said, they are more likely to trust a business owner who takes time to respond to reviews with the goal of improving their service. Customers will naturally gravitate to businesses that display a human element.


Business Reviews
Business Reviews

72% of consumers trust business reviews as much as personal recommendations.68% of consumers use social networking sites to read product reviews. We can help