Business Directory Listings - THE POWER OF LOCATION

Leverage the power of location to drive more customers to your doorstep with business directory listings.  Give them an outstanding experience while they're in your locations and after they've left.

​Businesses of all sizes need to manage their online presence, engage their customers, and maximize visits to their locations.

SEO Exec helps businesses take control of their digital presence by:

  • Get listed everywhere
  • Correcting and enhancing your information
  • Keeping their digital presence fresh with real-time updates
  • Tracking the performance of their listings

“We can help you ensure your information is correct across more than 60 sites.  On the exact apps that potential clients use to search for your services.”

"We can also show a list of your services directly in your listings.  We can encourage clients to visit you in person by linking a featured message directly from your listings.”

What You Get

  • License Manager: Administration of software license completed for you.
  • Client Access: Login directly into your account to see your content and results.
  • Dash board: Manage all of your location data, listings, social pages, and analytics all from one dashboard.
  • Content Wizard: Local Content Wizard makes filling out local content for our clients a breeze.
  • Content Status Report: Automatically receive updates on your progress.
  • 50 + listing Synced: 50+ sites, maps, and apps in the PowerListings Network
  • enhanced content: Like photos, videos, products, menus, bios, business hours, and special offers
  • Custom Template
  • Custom Fields: If your teams manage your locations with unique identifiers you can add additional fields to the Location Manager. This ensures you represent your locations how you do.
  • Website Widgets: Embeddable widgets drive consistency across your digital presence. Sync information like social posts, staff bios, menus, calendars, and product or service lists to your own website.
  • Page Posting
  • Scheduled Content: Schedule key updates to text assets in advance.  Then watch them appear across your PowerListings, Pages, and Screens at the right moment.
  • Lead Capture
  • Analytics
  • Duplicate Suppression


Online Business Directory Listings
Online Business Directory Listings

Online Business Directory Listings - 61% of Global internet users research products and services online. 81% of buyers start the buying process with a web search.