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How To Find Prospects Using Facebook

How To Find Prospects Using Facebook

Facebook can be a great place to find new prospects for any business, online or offline. There are two ways to draw traffic on Facebook, and both revolve around one another.

The first way is through Facebook advertising. Facebook allows you to post your text ads (with photo) and advertise them to fixed demographics of your choice. You pay Facebook based on the competitiveness of the keywords in your ad.

You can send people to your Facebook fan page (usually the cheaper option) or you could send them to external websites such as landing pages. Now I’m going to talk a little about the second method to finding new prospects – using the Facebook Fan Page.

Increase your Facebook likes with our tools.A Facebook Fan page is a page which can be used by local businesses to connect with their fans and customers. This is done by them “Liking” your fan page. Whenever someone “Likes” your fan page, it will appear on their personal Facebook news feed which makes all of his friends see that particular update which is him liking your page.

What happens next is more and more people will see the Fan page as your page grows in likes and this brings in traffic exponentially. Getting your fans involved on your page by having promotions or updating the “wall” would also cause their interactions to appear on their news feed, thus making more and more people see your website.

So what is the best way in getting new leads? Combine both methods. Send Facebook paid traffic to your fan page and get them involved in your activities and watch your community grow. You’ll soon be swimming in a pool of new prospects. You can then convert these prospects into loyal new customers for your business.

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